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Bronx, NY

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Hi, My name is Brian Breton and I tend to find much interests in the Visual Arts and what can even be done to manipulate it. I like to think of the world as an "Empty Canvas". Using the mental ability "US" Human beings have, We can create something simple from nothing at all. An empty canvas can sit there, waiting to be drawn upon to fill up its blank expression or in reality, get filled in with "scribble scrabbles" because although it was as simple, it has been thought of and brought to existance. With our minds the strangest, unusual things can be thought of, but it is with our hands that we may use them as tools to create. I like to watch and create a ton of comedy because Life is a drag and sometimes you need a little laughter to have fun with it. I haven't set any goals in my life but to be successful in whet ever I decide to put my mind on. Nothing is said in stone.

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