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Stemmler Productions is the umbrella company of Television Producer
Brian Stemmler. Brian has been working in film and television for 28 years; and you can tell if you’ve met him, he must have started pretty young. Brian recently relocated to the Twin Cities after working in Television and Film in Los Angeles for the past 10 years as an Emmy Nominated Segment Producer on shows such as “9 On the Town” for KCAL-9, Reality Remix for the Fox Reality Network and Fox Sports’ Celebrity Sports Invitational.

Transitioning from Traditional to New Media, Brian ran the Los Angeles Branch and produced a weekly webisode series for the startup Luxury Lifestyle Broadband Network, LXTV, now owned by NBC Universal.
Now making his home in the great state of Minnesota, Brian is using his TV producing background to help entrepreneurs, small companies and large international brands develop video programming for their own distribution portals. No matter where you are based, now is the time when anyone can be their own TV Network!

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