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With the assistance of our partners, we, the Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples' Council are displaying the very positive profiles in and around Brandon, Manitoba. Very tastefully, we are making headway on changing and erasing the negitive sterotypes that plague Aboriginal Peoples' in Canada. We are National doctors, National Lawyers, National Judges, National, professional athletes, local professionals, with business' and employment. We hold training and degrees, we hold positions of importance and most of all we support society.

The Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples' Council is doing more to support youths, job creation, early childhood development, housing, positive profiles, collaboration and education; in around Brandon, Manitoba.

Like; our interviews, and speard them accross the globe, in the vision of easing negetive sterotypes. We notice you in Paris, London, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North and South America. Hong Kong, China and Korea.

Thanks for watching and hope you have enjoyed them.



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