Jay Patumanoan

Berkeley, CA

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I'm a film studies major at the University of California, Berkeley. That means I spend a lot of time reading and analyzing films and not enough time making them. Or maybe it's the other way around?


  1. Siavash Abderezai
  2. Nicholaus Goossen
  3. Daysha Broadway
  4. Hunter Palmer
  5. Lucien Knotter
  6. Taylor Maxwell
  7. Ed Moore
  8. Roxy Danae
  9. Nader Owies
  10. John Norris
  11. Kai Saul
  12. Jonathan Melin
  13. Ryan Kaplan
  14. Parker Finn
  15. Xue 'Fox' Yin
  16. David Rivera
  17. Ina Shin
  18. Zack Wilson

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