Marvin Bugalu Smith

New York - USA

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The best way to understand Marvin, is to listen to his own words......

I started playing drums at age 2 and in that time I studied with all of the great master drummers: Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Roy Hayes, Art Taylor, and my brother Earl "Buster" Smith. My out look on music is without end. Right now what I'm doing is teaching young people, to understand how the master drummers got there power on the drums. Understanding the basic foundation of the drums. Teaching them that it was used for communication, a way to talk to people. So with this understanding of the drums, we can go to an even deeper level of understanding. My way of playing the drums is to PUT THE TIME FIRST, before the technical side. Right now, I honestly feel we have the very best drum school AND a lesson program online. today
so give me a email if this is the kind of drumming you like and you want to study, I'm at

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