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  1. ** Outdoor Adventures **

    by Joey Angerone

    22.1K Videos / 5,802 Members

    This is where you can post your backpacking, hiking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, biking, surfing, traveling adventure videos! Did you visit the Grand Tetons last year and put together a video?…

  2. Fly fishing/Tying

    by Pimpfish Rose ;)

    1,248 Videos / 199 Members

    Welkom to my group. And feel free to join and add some ff/t video's. This group is all about fly fishing and what kind of fly to ty and to use in Europe. Grz. Berry

  3. Fly Fishing

    by Bent Rod Media

    742 Videos / 360 Members

    Bent Rod Media is a group of Anglers dedicated to the production of outdoor documentaries with an emphasis on Fly Fishing Entertainment. We are a young company with a lot to learn. We document…

  4. Fly Fishing

    by Ben Choong

    212 Videos / 84 Members

    Share your fly fishing adventures here.

  5. Fly Fishing

    by jim boni

    157 Videos / 42 Members

  6. Fly Fishing

    by FFLS

    94 Videos / 26 Members

    Fly fishing

  7. Fly Fishing

    by Austin Waggoner

    35 Videos / 18 Members

  8. Fly Fishing

    by David Dugas

    33 Videos / 14 Members

  9. Fly Fishing

    by Theresa Reclusado

    12 Videos / 11 Members

  10. Radical Dadical's

    by Josh Lampton

    1 Video / 2 Members

    Uploading the sickest of the sickest videos er'day.

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