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  1. 01:00


    by Lisa Esselstein

    2 Videos

  2. 04:20


    by Lisa Esselstein

    6 Videos

  3. 01:26:13

    How to Lose Your Virginity

    by Lisa Esselstein

    7 Videos

    The new documentary from director Therese Shechter and producer Lisa Esselstein.

  4. 08:35


    by Lisa Esselstein

    4 Videos

    Upfronts & sales tapes that sizzle.

  5. 09:30

    Film Stunts & Franchises

    by Lisa Esselstein

    14 Videos

    Promos created for Sundance Channel's destinations, franchises and one-off stunts.

  6. 03:34:31

    Short Form

    by Lisa Esselstein

    70 Videos

    Longer than 30 seconds, less than 10 minutes.

  7. 19:51

    Branded Entertainment

    by Lisa Esselstein

    25 Videos

    Custom content created for Sundance Channel partners that is contextually relevant to the programming they sponsor.

  8. 54:43


    by Lisa Esselstein

    93 Videos

    On-air spots & campaigns for television.

  9. 02:20:15

    The Making Of...

    by Lisa Esselstein

    20 Videos

    Behind-the-scenes featurettes produced for IFC Films.

  10. 42:06


    by Lisa Esselstein

    28 Videos

    On-air and theatrical trailers for independent feature films and documentaries.

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