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bungalow is a Berlin & São Paulo based agency for cultural events.

its work involves production, consultancy, curation, booking, pr, marketing, music for commercials ... and anything else we feel like doing.

for more than 15 years bungalow has been operating as a record label and publishing company, releasing records and representing artist from all over the world. besides running the label we´ve always been involved in a wide range of other projects and international events for several institutions as well as for diverse brands.

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  1. Hey there Warren, brilliant! Thanks a lot for all the Info, seems like the AMX is the perfect choice, i really hate Laptops for DJing, an iPad with DVS is just what i needed to have alongside my vinyl records! Cheers for uploading the Video!
  2. hi there, wondering if i buy traktor scratch A6 or Akai AMX to use DVS // DJ Player on my iPad mini. The Setup with AKAI AMX is easy? cheers!