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  1. No No: A Dockumentary

    No No: A Dockumentary Austin, TX


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    Vimeo channel for 'No No' a documentary film examining the legend of the LSD no-hitter and a peek into the life & times of the late Dock Ellis -- his words, his deeds, and his legacy -- nonodock.com

  2. DEVELOP Tube

    DEVELOP Tube Plus


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    DEVELOP Tube: Photography to Watch is an educational resource which features video interviews, lectures & films about photojournalism, documentary & fine art photography. DEVELOP Tube is a facet of DEVELOP Photo. DEVELOP Photo provides resources for the enrichment of the photojournalism,…

  3. Matt Schwarz

    Matt Schwarz Staff New York, NY


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    I'm Vimeo's resident ghost expert and Senior Manager of Internal Tools. I also film, shoot, and draw things that interest me.

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