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Director Michael Chance fell in love with movies at the age of six when he saw ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ on the big screen, and he has been imagining unique worlds ever since. At the age of fifteen, Michael made his first short film on digital 8mm starring his father in the lead role as a Vietnam veteran struggling to let go of his war-torn past. Michael continued making countless films in his spare time and went on to study film at De Anza College. His graduation projects included the short film ‘The Reason,’ a police drama that played festivals nationwide, and the feature film ‘The Narrow Road,’ a supernatural family drama that garnered distribution on DVD and online through Netflix.

With writing, directing and producing continuing to fuel his ambition to create new worlds, Michael made a defining choice to forego transferring to a university and focus his imagination on his most ambitious film, ‘Project Arbiter’. Inspired by his grandfathers’ real-life stories, and centering around an operative in WWII that uses an invisibility battlesuit, Michael received an extended education through the adventure of independent filmmaking. ‘Project Arbiter’ premiered at the 2013 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. Michael and his writing partner Aiah Samba are currently developing the feature film world of ‘Project Arbiter’.

Michael has gone on to direct many short film such as ‘Momentum’ for Gadget Bot Studios, ‘Whipping Boy’ for the Prototype film competition, and produce shorts like the sci-fi fantasy film ‘Delve’ with frequent collaborator Jesse Boots.

Originally from San Jose, California, Michael now lives in Hollywood, California developing several feature film and television shows under the banner of ‘Burning Ideas’.

External Links

  • Website - browse my collection of film and commerical projects
  • Project Arbiter - get the latest details on the WWII sci-fi film I wrote and directed
  • Facebook - if you like my work and love to make films, then let's be friends
  • Momentum - near-future rally racing short film I directed and produced
  • Prototype Film Competition - get the latest on my standing as a finalist in this competition by Break Media and New Regency
  • Whipping Boy - get the latest on my Prototype competition short film I directed and produced


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