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This isn’t your typical “business show” about finance, or how to make lots of money. This show stands apart from other business shows that are honestly just flat out boring. The Bodi’s are on a mission to show what it truly takes to run a business. They bring you all of the dirty details you don’t see, behind the scenes footage and why as a business owner, many bad customers just need “the boot.” Talking with business owners and entrepreneurs from coast to coast, the Bodi gang is determined to shed light on REAL stories behind seasoned and new businesses. Too many people only see the pretty and polished side of what it takes to own a business. Not everyone realizes the hard work and grimy details that go on behind the scenes that business owners are forced to deal with.

Dealing with customers is a daily issue. “Gurus” will instruct you to keep these bad customers; when in all honesty, your company is better off firing them to save your business hard earned money, countless headaches, and time that you and your employees can never get back. The Bodi’s love to interview businesses about their bad customer aka CustoMonster stories. We find out how they handled the customer, what they learned from the situation and how they can teach new and upcoming entrepreneurs what to watch out for.

If you thought that “the customer is always right” was true, you might just change your mind after learning from REAL business owners across the country. Visit us at

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