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Butter City is a Upper Midwest Emmy Nominated thirty minute television program that highlights film and television making in Minnesota. Butter City premiered locally in St. Paul and Minneapolis on SPNN and MTN channels in April 2007. The first season of Butter City was picked up by Twin Cities Public television and broadcasted on TPT's Minnesota Channel in 2008. The main goal of this series was to highlight the folks behind the scenes who were responsible for creating the features films, documentaries, and television programs that had Minnesota ties. In the two years that Butter City was in production, the series produced twenty episodes which included interviews with Ali Selim, Eric D. Howell, Christine Kunewa Walker, Patrick Coyle, Dawn Mikkelson, Melody Gilbert and Rob Perez.

Butter City aired its third season on TPT's Minnesota Channel in January 2012 with a 12 week run. In addition to it's tv broadcast on the MN Channel, the series could also be found on SPNN, Facebook, BlipTV and our website buttercity.com. Some of the guests that appeared on the third season were Robert Byrd, Amanda Becker, Matt Ehling, Jesse Roesler, Matt Osterman, Jennifer Kramer, Craig Rice, Kiersten Dunbar Chace, and the folks behind the Twin Cities Film Fest, too name a few.

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