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Austin, Texas

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Byra Beast - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

(Now Based in Austin, TX.
Email at for inquiries and bookings)

Spending his earlier years gaining inspiration from New Orleans music and culture
Byra Beast, an adventurous Artist, Actor, and Filmmaker made his debut in 2006 touring across
the U.S. with some talented musicians such as Marc Broussard, Sara Bareilles, Willie Nelson, Maroon 5,
Dave Matthews Band, G. Love & the special sauce, Jessie Baylin, and more. Filming in every city,
meeting some of todays most influential people , and sharing his art with the public,
Byra Beast has left a mark on mainstream pop culture.

In 2008, Byra, along side of many other artist, took their
talent worldwide participating at events such as USO Tour of Japan/Africa,
The Rock Boat VIII Grand Caymans/ Jamaica, NBA All-Star Game New Orleans ,
SXSW, and most recently at Austin Film Society's Hall of Fame.
Byra has also been in featured films like The Apostles (1997),
a Japanese Mini Series (2009), The Big Bang (2011), The Bounceback (2012),
Lorena Gomez music video Esta Vez, Harley Davidson 2015 Campaign, and more.

This bad boy of art and film has made his way into the hearts and homes
of many, including quite a few celebrity clients as well.
With passion like no other, a mind constantly on the move, and ideas that
leave you pondering, Byra Beast
is definitely a person to keep your eye on in the future. Currently in Austin Tx,
Byra is shooting photography, videos and painting.

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