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Shmouel Halimi also known as Shmoo, is a graphic designer with a versatile portfolio. Born in France, Shmoo learned his craft in New York city and is now based in Jerusalem, Israel.
Since 1998, while working on various projects as a designer, he was also commissioned to create art pieces all over the world. Some of his works were shown in art galleries throughout Israel while others were sold online at various auctions, in addition to winning first prize in several international contests. Shmoo doesn’t like the term graphic. He always says he is working on a “concept”, using inspiration from countless sources, creating powerful visual designs that are used for many applications such as print or for the web.
Shmoo also culls his inspiration in his daily life as a Chassidic Jew, fusing it with everything he sees and hears. Additionally, Shmoo loves electronic music and is known as “Shmoolik”. He performs live, and his songs are produced in studios in New York and Jerusalem and have had more than 90,000 views on Youtube. For him, every project is a new challenge and his goal is to always make the next project surpass the last.

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