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John Stember's Photography is focused on the beauty of Woman 

Women from all regions around the world, all ethnic groups and cultures no matter what color or race, both primitive and modern. The work is inspired primarily by his passion and creative imagination ... therefore not necessarily intended to be an historical or cultural reference.

John Stember was born in London and has lived in Paris, New York and Los Angeles before arriving in Tahiti.  He has photographed for every major fashion magazine in the world, including American Vogue English Vogue, French Vogue, Italian Vogue, Harpers, Bazaar, Glamour, Marie Claire France, Marie Claire Spain, Elle, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Life, Photo Magazine, GQ, New York Times, LA Times and many other journals and magazines. He has also been the Photographer of Choice for hundreds of international commercial advertising campaigns in both Europe and USA from Revlon to Coca Cola and many other Fortune 500 clients.

John left New York in April 2001 on his sailboat for the 7,000 mile voyage to Tahiti French Polynesia following an intuitive calling to sail to the remote islands of the South Pacific Ocean, to immerse himself in abundant nature. After an adventurous journey he finally arrived in the Marquesas Islands to a wave of inspiration which led him to develop a passion for the raw beauty of nature. In time he developed a strong passion for 'Primitivism' in his work holding the belief that primitive man was closer to the source of creativity and inspiration than "civilized" man. He's now focused on the multifaceted ethnic beauty of women in Tahiti French Polynesia, and their profound relationship to the Earth, as it was during humanity's infancy in primeval times. by his passion/creative imagination not as a historical reference

John published his first book of photography titled ‘Te Hine Manea’ or ‘Devine Femininity’ which pays homage to the mysterious beauty of Tahitian Women and the all powerful spiritual force of ancient Tahiti called the ‘MANA' John has introduced his artistic aesthetic to over thirty five thousand of his 'facebook' friends who have enthusiastically embraced his vision. He believes that the modern online interactive culture needs to move away from the stagnant commercial imagery to more intimate personal images which reflect humanity that people can experience in a more self-referential way.

He is currently working on an visual project in cooperation with an international media organization that will focus on the multifaceted ethnic beauty of women from Ancient Tribal Cultures' around the world focussing on 'The Beauty of Women We Have Never Seen'.

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