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Cabo VerdeThis exclusive event based at the jewel of the Atlantic “Ponta Preta” has become renowned for its big waves, big air and big action. Ponta Preta has gained a reputation worldwide as the absolute best location for wave riding and has quickly developed as a must visit location for windsurfers worldwide. Ponta Preta’s natural stadium was created in a way that the waves break perfectly down the rocky point only meters from spectators and journalists, making for one of the most exciting shows on the planet. Fans get the chance to be within shouting distance of competitors flying 30 feet above the waves, massive wipeouts, and glorious moments in windsurfing’s history which have been generated by this natural amphitheatre feel that only Ponta Preta can provide… 2007 Champion and 2008 runner-up, Josh Angulo comments on this close proximity to the crowd

“In the finals in 2007, I could hear the crowd yelling on every wave, I got such an uplifting power from my home crowd that it gave me an extra strength to win the event that year, as well in 2008, although I got second, I can still remember hearing the voice of my wife and son and family and friends that were only meters away from where we were riding the waves, once again that gave me the strength to lift up my game and do my very best… Ponta Preta is like no place in the world.”

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