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Alberto Cabrera Bernal (October 1976) is a Madrid-based filmmaker, artist and teacher. His films have been shown in international venues and festivals such as Anthology Film Archives (New York), Images Festival (Toronto), EXiS (Seoul), CCCB (Barcelona), Cinemateca Brasileira (Sao Paulo) or Views from the Avant-Garde (New York). Co-manages Angular, an international experimental film DVD publisher that will launch their first volume mid-2015.

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Alberto Cabrera Bernal (Madrid, octubre de 1976), cineasta, programador, docente y co-director de la editora Angular. Sus films se han proyectado en centros y festivales internacionales como Anthology Film Archives (Nueva York), Images Festival (Toronto), EXiS (Seúl), CCCB (Barcelona), Views from the Avant-Garde (Nueva York) o Instituto Cervantes de París, con programas monográficos en la Cinemateca Brasileira o en La Casa Encendida de Madrid.

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