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Domenico (everybody calls he Mimmo) is a experienced entrepreneur storyteller with a deeply passionate about wine and other pleasures of the table. Always looking for authentic wines, gorgeous foods and he regularly travels to learn the human stories behind the products that made real economy. Particularly interested in building business using the relations between wine and food.
Self-motivated and goal-oriented individual with strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills. Creative thinker capable of brainstorming and problem solving.
Professional background of job experience in feeding, hospitality, restaurants, retail stores, start-ups, preparing foods, sales, promotion, tasting, suggestions, recipes, slicing and more, like management consulting, strategy, purchasing management, investor relations, events and media planning. Spent many years all around the world, working for the opening the foreign markets for the Italian SME enterprises. Ambassador of Exosphere. It's more easy to meet him in a kitchen, in a cellar, during the meals, behind a slicer or a coffee machine rather than in a office. He has always hungry but it's never alone.

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