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Award winning media agency and impact consultancy, Cage Free Productions is a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp) with offices in the United States (Santa Barbara) and a global network of brilliant (really) creatives. We have made it our life’s work to create media that supports social justice, human rights, and sustainability and have devoted our careers towards the actualization of these principles; to support and serve the companies and organizations fostering this change.

Cage Free Productions empowers ethical businesses, philanthropic organizations and socially responsible entrepreneurs who want to make a change. We specialize in digital consulting, communications strategy, documentary filmmaking, and video advocacy campaigns catered for the delivery of our clients’ desired results.

In an ever-growing pool of non-profits and social businesses, identification and exposure are essential to programmatic success. Whether it is a name piece for your organization, or a special event, a social justice campaign, or an academic conference we creatively release media for the innovators and educators meeting the challenges of the 21st Century.

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