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  1. 05:30

    Visit Scotland / E4

    by Cagoule

    6 Videos

    6 people, who don't know Scotland, discover it on a road trip of a lifetime. Each day a new episode of the days activities screened on E4 with the audience deciding what the group do next.

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  4. 19:01

    Treasures from The Queen’s Palaces

    by Cagoule

    0 Videos

    Filmed for Treasures from The Queen’s Palaces, The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse, 2012

  5. 46:17


    by Cagoule

    16 Videos

    A small selection of our work

  6. 28:26


    by Cagoule

    10 Videos

    Commercial & corporate

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  8. 08:30


    by Cagoule

    4 Videos

    A new performance by choreographer Abby Warrilow. Coming to venues in 2011

  9. 08:03

    Slow Motion

    by Cagoule

    4 Videos

  10. 01:55

    Doves - pitch

    by Cagoule

    3 Videos

    Artist: Doves Track: Andalucia Label: Virgin Format: HD Cagoule pitch for "Andalucia" video.

  11. 30:10

    Motion Graphics

    by Cagoule

    19 Videos

    Motion graphics created by Lewis Gourlay

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