Caitlin Vickers

North-east England

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I am a final year Computer Character Animation student at Teesside University, UK. I have just finished working on my final year project animation, 'The Life of a Student Animator', and a group animation, 'All Is Fair In Love And Playtime'.

I've only been animating characters for just over a year now, but I love it and know there is nothing I would rather be doing. I'm all for working to the best of my ability at everything, so I animate until it's right! I also like listening to and making music, maths, dance, and video games.

External Links

  • Portfolio - A growing collection of my work, both digital and traditional.
  • YouTube - My animation work so far, with lots of work in progress.
  • 3D blog - General blog about my 3D adventures and other thoughts.
  • Final Year Project blog - Documenting my journey to create an animation worthy of getting me a job!
  • Inky Squid blog - My final year team production blog.