Stephen D. Ginn

Clinton, MS

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All about me,
With complete honesty.

I'm a graphic design major about to graduate from Mississippi College. That's what I specialize in. However, I've also developed some expertise in photography and dibble on-and-off in video.

I'm proud to announce that this year, I was selected as a semi-finalist in the Nikon/Serbin Communications photography competition.

I use the entire Adobe Creative Suite CS4, except for After Effects....haven't built up the courage to learn to use it yet.

ISFP Personality, according to Facebook. It was ISTP about 3-4 years ago..... I guess I've changed a bit.

Bewildered, technical, artistic, analytical, doubtful, spontaneous & random, perfectionist, forgetful, free, loyal, introverted, sometimes conceited, occasionally lonely, pessimistic, competitive, hopeful, dreamy (I daydream all the time), tired, unorganized, ETC.


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