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CALLIA (Kuh-lee-ah) BARA is a mix of smoke, mirrors, boobs, bones, rock & roll and macabre fairy tale. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, performance artist, creative director, cinephile and pop cult fanatic.

CALLIA has immersed herself in music through school, choir, band, ensembles, and performing on her own in the city's underground performance art scene. A songwriter at heart, she has devised a comprehensive and wide-ranging repertoire of authentic, innovative music. Her encyclopaedia-like knowledge of music is incredibly vast, as she enjoys and strives to record almost any and every kind of genre and style of music. She is a big tent in the industry, capable of writing, singing & performing a variety of musical genres.

Visuals play an integral role in CALLIA's performance - tantamount to the music. She is an illustrative artist, self-taught as well as formally educated in the artistic and social realms, including but not limited to photography, film, literature, artistic & psychological analysis and popular culture. As a performance artist, she seeks to delve deeply into issues, narratives and beauty related to both the music and the human condition.

CALLIA is inspired by Old Hollywood film, glam rock, pop art, electro cabaret, big band, Frank Sinatra, Coca Cola, Elvis Presley & Jessica Rabbit.

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