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Porto, Portugal

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Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela began their sharing and collaboration during their studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Oporto, where they are currently based. Working as an artist duo since 2010 they have been creating video installations, films, objects and site-specific environments embedded in historical, mythical, metaphorical and intuitive references that help to create poetic reflections on different landscapes, situations and ideas. “Gradations of Time Over a Plane”, initiated in 2010, is their major project which consists of an ongoing inquiry upon the symbolic manifestations of the conception of Time in natural and man-made territories, which is then processed into chapters (currently nineteen) that can assume various configurations, sizes and temporalities.

Grantees of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for an international artists residency in Gasworks (London) and awardees of the BES Revelation prize, in 2012. Finalists of the 10th edtion of Edp New Artists prize and winners of the Lo Schermo dell’arte Film Festival International Prize, in 2013.
They have present their work in several exhibitions, namely: "The importance of being a (moving) Image", National Gallery, Prague, 2015; “The Composition of Air”, CIAJG, Guimarães 2014; “Perpetual Interview”, Edíficio Axa, Oporto, 2013; “Chart for the Coming Times”, Rowing Projects, London, 2012 and Villa Romana, Florence, 2013; “Gradations of Time over a Plane”, Gasworks, London, 2012 and General Public, Berlin 2011; among others.

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