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Cal Reichenbach produces adventurous music for video games, film, and TV. His credits include music for "Pelé: King of Football", the Brazilian soccer legend's exclusive mobile game app.

Cal is an accomplished guitarist and composer who specializes in rhythmically infectious, emotionally dynamic scores that enhance visual action and propel narrative flow. His work spans a wide breadth of genres including world groove, rock (all forms involving guitar), funk/soul/R&B, jazz, afrobeat, bossa/samba, classical, and electronica.

Cal has toured internationally with the award winning Bay Area afrobeat ensemble ALBINO!, and he is heavily influenced by the West African funk of Fela Kuti. Seduced by the fretboard wizardry of Eddie Van Halen at age 13, he's been playing guitar in rock, funk, and jazz bands and writing and producing music ever since.

Cal’s clients have included Bully Entertainment (for Pelé), Cartoon Network, PILOT (for FX, AMC, CMT cable networks), Disher Sound (for PS2/Gran Turismo 4), director Banker White/WeOwnTV, and Brick-Film.

Hear his latest work here:


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