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Hi. I'm a music composer, sound designer and musician based in Lafayette, Louisiana. My company, Root Five productions, specializes in custom music compositions and sound design. Bed tracks, jingles, and sound design for TV spots, radio spots, long form pieces, video games, and more.

The videos here all feature a soundtrack I wrote and, for the most part, performed. Although I do occasionally hire musicians to play the stuff I can't pull off! There are some great players here in South Louisiana!

The videos look great too, and although I can't take credit for that, I'll make sure credit is given to those talented folks who took great care to make and edit these beautiful pictures.

Vimeo may not be the first place you think to showcase music, but I think it's best to hear the finished product in the context for which it was written.

Thanks for listening and watching. I'll continue to add as my portfolio grows.

Please drop me a line if you think I can contribute to your project.

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