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Calvin Knowlton is a self-taught photographer and artist based in Santa Barbara, CA. The fields he covers include extreme sports, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects.

Knowlton has established himself in the surfing world with a deep body of work. He has had numerous film contributions and photo recognitions over the years. Currently, Calvin contributes regularly to various internet publications and has completed two film projects, both with acclaimed director Taylor Steele, titled Innersection: Orange (2011) and Innersection: Black (2013).

"For the first few years of my career, all I did was shoot until I would get burned out. Nowadays, I have come to realize that less is more: the more time I spent away from my camera, the better my images became afterward. I could better detect the right moments because I had spent the time actually witnessing them beforehand. I now take fewer images than before, but I capture what I want more efficiently."

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