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./// CAMERON CALI is a 2013 honors graduate of Berklee College of Music. As a Contemporary Writing & Production major he focused his studies in commercial and electronic music production. During his four years at Berklee he individually composed, mixed, and produced music for commercial media and conducted live recording sessions for ensembles with up to 25 professional musicians. In addition, he has performed as a bassist and voice over actor in several student recording sessions.

Cameron is fluent in several digital audio workstations and notational softwares such as Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Audacity, and Sibelius. With a minor in Video Game Scoring, he also has experience in the production and implementation of interactive music via programs such as Wwise and Fmod.

At Berklee, Cameron studied and worked with leading professional musicians and professors such as Kurt Biederwolf, Michael Sweet, Joe Carrier, Bill Elliott, and Dave Buda. Their talent combined with his work ethic perpetually inspires an enduring professionalism and imagination in all of the music he creates and produces.

Cameron is prepared to utilize his training and experience to begin a career as a producer and composer in the music industry. He is focused on enhancing his personal talent in conjunction with the leading professionals in the commercial media and video game industry. As a member of the next generation of creative professionals, Cameron’s unique ability to innovate, create, and collaborate with others will contribute to the outstanding qualities and progressive nature of the music industry.


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