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Brooklyn, NY

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I'm a freelance guitarist in Brooklyn, NY. My own group is a jazz/funk organ trio (music heard on this page) with the very talented Brad Whiteley and Kenneth Salters. I also perform frequently with singer/songwriter extraordinaire Lauren Zettler. We just finished her new EP, which you can hear at her MySpace page. I'm also the guitarist and contributing composer for Collective Pursuit, a 9 piece jazz ensemble that performs a wide range of music written by it's members.

To find out when I'm performing with these groups or others, please check the calendar on my website:

Along with playing and writing music, I'm a contributing writer for a website about the musician business. I started this website with my friend and fellow musician Dave Hahn. The website takes a pragmatic approach to the discussion about making a living as a musician.

All of my music is available at your favorite online music stores. It is all released independently by me, and your support goes a long way to help me continue making the music I love to share.


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