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Film Student at Cape Fear Community College - Wilmington, NC
Likes Music Videos, Short Films, and various independent works of film. Shooting with 16mm 8mm Canon DSLR RED etc. The Digital age has brought a lot of things to us such as the Red camera and its predecessors. Looking forward to working with many in the Film Industry here in the ILM. Working on uploading top notch videos soon.

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  1. What FPS is this?
  2. I'm just suprised you pulled all this off with the RED so successfully. It would have taken me at least 4 takes if not more on the skate scene. Awesome video, Awesome band.
  3. how did you go about mounting it on a shopping cart? and the skateboard scene I presume was all handheld.
  4. what was this shot with?
  5. This reminded my of Winters Bone for some reason, was this shot on RED, what lenses did you use?