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What an incredible 7 years it's been!

We've had pros and amateurs from all over BC, Canada, and the USA (world!) show up and shred over the time
we've been doing this fun jam series. We've seen record attendance numbers at our finals in Langley at Brookswood park for the last 2 years, which have numbered over 400 in attendance, both riders and spectators alike. The canadian concrete series has even watched riders grow up over the years and graduate through the bmx ranks from the 13 and under class, right up to winning the competitive pro class.

all through these years of doing these fun bmx jams, we have strived to ensure that even though it's a competition, it's as friendly and relaxed as we can make it for kids of all ages to ride in. It's always been more about having a great time with your friends and family on a sunday afternoon, and this year will be no exception. We believe that this has contributed to the great turnouts, the amazing riding, and the high fun factor for everyone in attendance.

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