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>> Producer | Director | Writer

As an emerging independent filmmaker, Shawna Cox is an award winning Producer/ Director/ Writer––creating, developing and producing multi-platform content covering both dramatic and documentary feature, television and web episodic. Shawna has produced and collaborated on projects in Vancouver, Calgary and New York. She has studied screenwriting, filmmaking and acting in Calgary, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles and is driven to expand knowledge and push boundaries through all aspects of storytelling and production.

>> Canadian Film Girl | Multi-platform | Film/Photo Journalist

Coined the Canadian Film Girl, ‘CFG’, while filming her documentary based on the 2008 Dakar Rally, Shawna built and maintains an international network and audience. Since 2007, Shawna has actively captured, created and shared cross media content (text, stills, video, remote satellite web reports, live GPS Google Earth web tracking) to engage a growing network and audience via online social networks.
Content targets themes revolving around nomadic culture, international adventure travel, extreme living, film/photo journalism, spiritualism, self help and filmmaking. Her active network and audience reaches North, Central and South America, UK, Europe, Northern Africa, Australia and beyond.

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