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Four years passed since the release of "We Were Set Up," the record that cemented Canasta's place as a staple - perhaps even the unspoken centerpiece - of Chicago's orchestral pop scene this millennium. But according to the "Chicago Reader," the wait was worth it: "...this local sextet's second full-length, "The Fakeout, the Tease and the Breather," is so perfect—every note falling into place with deeply satisfying craftsmanship—that you'll swear you've heard it before. But you haven't..." Making use of a collaborative songwriting process that relies on all six musicians, Canasta has always augmented the standard rock set-up with an piano, keyboard, violin and trombone. But despite an ever-changing roster that has included nineteen members (!), founders Matt Priest and Elizabeth Lindau continue to keep the lyrics thoughtful, the orchestrations meticulous, the melodies unforgettable and the sound uniquely "Chicagoan." The past twelve months have been the band's busiest yet, including a sold-out, headlining show at Chicago's Old Town School, a win in The Deli's "Best of Chicago Fans' Poll," a recording session for Dayotrotter, ambitious music videos for the singles "Mexico City,” “Magazine (Songwriter on a Train)” and “Becoming You,” and their first-ever tour abroad… to the hinterlands of Mongolia!

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