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"She's possessed of a voice like poisoned black molasses trickling down the side of a jewel encrusted goblet held in the gnarly claw of Beelzebub himself" - Olaf Tyaransen, Hotpress

"Agreeably bonkers slice of horror themed garage rock raucousness" - The Guardian UK (single review)

"Catch her before the trenderatti are all over her like a rash" - The Mirror UK

Berlin based, Botswana born, Irish chanteuse Gordon makes dark grizzly rock that draws as much from gothic folktales as it does from old western soundtracks. With themes of mortality and morality, humanity and other worldly entities, Gordon has rightly gained a reputation as a lyrical outsider.

Earlier this year saw the release her of debut EP Before The Sunset Ends which was produced by Pogues frontman and hellraiser Shane MacGowan, which garnered rave reviews for its rich soundscape and lyricism. The title track hailed as "the greatest song never to feature on the Twin Peaks soundtrack" (Hotpress).

Her debut album is in production and she will be touring later this year.

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