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Candlewick Press, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, publishes outstanding children’s books for readers of all ages. Since we first opened our doors in 1991, we’ve received more than 1500 accolades and honors, and have been named "the fastest growing children’s publisher in the U.S." by Publishers Weekly. A recent article in the Oakland Tribune noted:

If we are to remain a literary people, we must turn off the television and read books to our children. But what to read? In this glutted book market, mediocrity reigns.

Not so at Candlewick Press. . . . Lively stories, superior art, and revisited classics are hallmarks of this employee owned company. Bravo to leadership that recognizes quality writing and artistry and chooses to promote them.

How have we done it? By publishing only those books we believe in, only those books that speak to children, and only those that have both words and art of the highest quality. Why do we care so much? Because Candlewick Press is 100 percent owned and operated by our employees, making us one of the largest independent publishing companies, not just in the country, but in the world. Our independence and passion translates into the highest-quality books possible for you, our discriminating readers -- the teachers, librarians, parents, and of course, children of all ages -- who have learned to expect a truly wonderful book wherever the Candlewick logo appears.

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