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candyshopvfx is a company created and owned by 3 senior compositors, in order to fulfill a need for quick response in mission critical post production assignments. We thrive at what we do, simply because we have the talent, the expertise, and the experience in the vfx industry. And because we are committed to the work and dedicated to the client we always succeed and surpass our goals. We have over 50 years of collaborative experience rolled in to one company. We deliver on schedule, with precission and dedication for every work we are assigned. Our reputation amongst film makers and production companies, is your best guarantee.

With the help of the best talents in the industry we are able to treat each job based on its individual needs, and amaze you with the speed and accuracy we produce the results.

We are based in Athens, Greece, and we use local and off-shore colleagues and associates in order to deliver the absolute best.

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