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Buenos Aires, Argentina - In recent years, Can Fly has firmly as a source of creativity in branding and content in the demanding market of TV channels.

Can Fly experience includes having developed projects for Cinecanal, MGM, Nat Geo Music, Adidas, Samsung, Playboy tv, LifeStyle tv among others.

Path in the television market has flourished since Luciano Machi and Axel Hochegger began in 2003.

Without no doubt, experience has been gained in everything related to mass media, aroused the interest of any kind of brand that needed an identity (contents branding and channels branding).

For each of them created a brand and a unique self-image. The challenge of developing further in the competitive market for mass communication without loss of enthusiasm and creativity, has been the main objective and managed by Can Fly layout and compliance with "satisfaction guaranteed" with all its customers.

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