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A non-profit group of the Norman Arts Council, our mission is to strengthen the Norman filmmaking community by offering valuable resources and outlets. We will ensure that the local filmmaking community continues to grow and thrive by building and maintaining good relationships with other agencies and groups who support local filmmaking and art. Overall, we will become better filmmakers by bridging the gap between concept and creation.

Annual Norman Arts Council Membership Dues:
CAN Members..............$20
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Please contact for more information!

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  1. Colorful Studio
  2. Derek Fitzpatrick
  3. Keisha Register
  4. Chad Furrow
  5. Matt Black
  6. April Kirby
  7. Austin Tolin
  8. Kam Stocks
  9. Olivier Koos
  10. Quiet Sight
  11. Reilly Smith
  12. Singletree Productions
  13. Michael Raiden
  14. Zynara Ng
  15. kevin ely
  16. Impossible
  17. Lance Rivas: Videographer/Editor
  18. Travis Tindell

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