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The Capoeira Arts Foundation, Inc. is the vision of Mestre Acordeon (Ubirajara G. Almeida), a world-renowned capoeira master who has been working in the United States since 1978. The organization was founded in 1981 with the name of World Capoeira Association, inc. as a visionary leap toward the establishment of capoeira in the United States. In 2001, its name was changed to Capoeira Arts Foundation, Inc., and a long-term plan was launched to continue preserving, teaching and performing all arts related to African-Brazilian culture.

We see ourselves as ambassadors of Brazilian culture and an organization interested in serving a family oriented community that is not necessarily an art going crowd, but that is interested in providing the benefit of the arts for their children. We put a great emphasis on capoeira, an art form that has been growing exponentially in the last 20 years. Like the blues and jazz, Capoeira is an extraordinary product of the confluence of African cultures in the Americas that crosses the gamut of race, economic class, culture and gender. Today in Brazil, Capoeira is considered a cultural treasure, a potent means of self-expression and a dynamic tool for personal growth. Capoeira has progressively been established outside Brazil as an art that can awaken individuals to some of their greatest potentials. Its values are universal and are enthusiastically embraced by people from diverse cultural environments.

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