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Blue November [Creations] is a neo-universe expansion. It is an eccentric array of dreams and reality. Time and space shift, back and forth, at the hands of the wayward Captain. The sails are filled with flickering light, the ambiance of sound, and the ink-stained chronicles of the imagination. This endless sea of starlit wonder forms the foundation for the words, music, and moving pictures that reside in the mystic realm of the Cosmic Continuum. The visionary dreamer never sleeps on the celestial sea.

Simply stated, Blue November Creations is the foundation for all creative endeavor under the command of Captain Chambers. Although he is primarily a filmmaker and director, he is a writer, poet and a lyricist with the ambition of performing music. Creativity is the focus of BNC, and the inner force that drives Captain Chambers, himself.


Captain Chambers is an auteur, one who believes in his own vision and the vision of the individual spirit. He has been [seriously] shooting film for approximately twelve years, although his first work was created as early as 1993. His format of choice is Super 8mm motion picture film, yet he has delved into the duality of both analog and digital video. His first creations were experiments involving stop-motion and black and white cinematography. Ultimately, he would begin writing and directing short narratives such as This Way and That in 2001, but it would be 2003 before the Captain would see his first finished project, the shot-on-video short film, Adam and Yvette. This became a benchmark for his continuing thirst for the cinematic elixir of free-roaming thought.

Adam Shea Chambers is Captain Chambers. He is a creature of Autumn, moonlight and ocean. A tranquil spirit, he lives by breathing the decay and miracle that is his individual creative soul. The Captain is a captive of November, the various shades of blue and the taunting promise of written and composed words; he blinks at 18 frames per second.

"Hello! My name is Captain Chambers. I am the Founder and Director of Blue November Creations as well as the Blue November MicroFilmFest. Ever since I was a child, I was a daydreamer. My imagination propelled me into new scenes, pushed beyond the stars, flying further than anyone has ever seen. As I grew older, I never let that spirit go.

I am a filmmaker, a musician, a writer and a poet. I am a thinker, a tinkerer, a wanderer with questions, and I am a sailor. My sails are filled with flickering light, the ambience of sound, & the ink-stained chronicles of the imagination.

As a poet, I tell my story. As a writer, I create the story. As a musician, I communicate. As a filmmaker, I paint with celluloid brushstrokes upon a flickering canvas. I am the creater, I am the dreamer, and this is my story..."

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