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I live in Bend, Oregon. Hope you enjoy the flics..We have a great film/video community here. Great Locations, great community resources. I am a California transplant 20 years from Huntington Beach, Ca. I love Bend ! I've lived in Bend since 1994. We are looking forward to 3 feature films coming this summer. Drop me a line.

Skip graduated from Antelope Valley Junior College with an AA degree in Business Administration. He then transferred to San Jose State during the turmoil of the early 70s where he earned credits towards a Minor in Political Science which he completed and earned at Brigham Young University (BYU).

Skip graduated from BYU with Honors receiving his BA in Communications with a track in photography/cinematic art. After Skip’s graduation, he joined
renowned Director and Acting coach Tad Danielewski writer/director workshop . Tad Danielewski graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and has influenced such “A” list actors as James Earl Jones and Martin Sheen.

After 18 months in the workshop Skip finished his Masters project “ Behind Closed Doors” a docu-drama about the Kennedy assassination.

Skip’s next Project “The Sacrifice” earned him the prestigious Golden Eagle award from CINE chaired at the time by Frank Capra.

Skip sold his first script in Hollywood to the Alcorn Group “They Play for Pride”.

Skip has worked on indie films as a D.P. Editor, sound, grip, gaffer, boom, director, producer, and writer. Skip has worked for an ABC affiliate as a writer and as a field producer for P.M. magazine.
Recently Skip was the Production Manager for “Lost”, “Grains of Sand” music videos and “Mastering the Vision” a spot for Film Oregon Alliance.
Skip just finished producing and directing a short comedy Trailer entitled “Options.” “Options” is scheduled to release in spring 2010.
Skip is presently associate producer/production manager on a short horror film “BIG” Shooting in August 2009 and released to Bend Film Festival 2009.
Skip has resided in the Bend area since 1994 employed in photography and film/video production in Central Oregon.
Skip is available as production manager, Line producer, or 1st AD to your projects.
April 27, 2012: Skip is producing a feature documentary "TEREZIN," a film about child genocide. Skip is the founder of the "High Desert Writers Guild" which has a screenplay, "BOARDERS," which is a finalist in the Santa Catalina FF and has an Honorable Mention in the Mexican International FF, with four festivals to go!

Skip Clark
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