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I'm a Video Ninja always wired to the inter webs. Capturing Rockets, Robots, and Engineering Marvels by Day. And Freely shooting my adventures and Inspirations by night. When technology is Not within reach I Enjoy drifting road ways with my Mini Cooper S, Sipping fine wines and tasty Brews, Exploring new places & Cultures, and partying with friends and family. I am an Artist Not only using a Camera, but drawing, sculpting, graphic design, and many other creative formats.

Through my Lenses (Camera & Eyes): I seek new Innovations, Capturing simple Beauty & New perspectives, writing the story & adventure and encapsulate this all into a creative format which people can enjoy, Hopefully it effects them in some small way, Inspires them, creates new meaning and perspective in which they can create their own journey & move forward to the horizon & Beyond.

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