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In his youth, Brett Higgins always had an interest in photography and the outdoors, but never thought of pursuing it as a career. While studying computer science in college, Brett became involved in the television and movie industry when he appeared alongside his twin brother in a commercial for Duracell batteries and in the Tom Cruise movie Magnolia.

Shortly after, Brett received a professional camera as a gift and started documenting the scenery he encountered when he went out hiking and exploring. He soon discovered that he had a passion and an eye for nature photography and began to study the technical aspects of taking photographs.

Because of the unpredictable nature of outdoor photography, Brett found himself learning to shoot in varied weather conditions, which led to the development of his photography concept, Capturing the Elements™. It was not long before Brett was teaching others around him how to capture better images, which began his journey to creating the W.I.S.E.® Method of Photography. By teaching this technique he hopes to help people take better control of their cameras, and that they will enjoy taking photographs as much as he does.

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  • Capturing the Elements - s a collection of works from professional photographer Brett Higgins that includes breathtaking images of nature, behind the scenes footage that takes you beyond the photograph, as well as the sights and sounds of nature
  • Photography - We don't just capture your memories, we preserve them!

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  1. Arnold Watson commented on UP
    I did not know that this kind of quality was capable with the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition...this is great news indeed! Your video was intriguing and of great quality as was the selection of music.