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Based in Melbourne Rock Central, carbiewarbie photography offer the best music photography in this glorious land of OZSTRALIYAH m8. :)

Let me introduce myself. All my friends just calls me "Carbie" as in carburettor. I have had my rockin' photographs published twice on the front page of the prestigious Melbourne newspaper THE AGE, plus I have had two page spreads in Rolling Stone magazine. I have also got featured in this article in THE AGE:

Current clients include The AGE newspaper, Tone Deaf, Mess+Noise,,, Rolling Stone Magazine, Heavy Magazine, j-mag, Luna Magazine, Blunt, TimeOut Melbourne, Australian Musician Magazine, SLAM Rally, Music Victoria, Tourism Victoria, The Community Cup, Reclink Australia, Cancer Council of Victoria, Aztec Music, Liberation Records, EMI, Mushroom, Triple J, Triple R, PBS 106.7fm, Federation Square, Darebin Music Festival, Boogie Festival, Dig It Up! and many more.

I also do extensive work for The Push & FReeZA in Victoria and I am proudly one of their official sponsors.

I only started my music photography career in late 2008 but I have been into aussie music and photography since my teens. I feel really fortunate to be able to mix my two true loves and photograph Australian and International artists on stage. I am only one of a handful of music photographers that work on my craft full time and I am around town constantly capturing the magic on stage with my camera, shooting over 200 gigs each year. I am truly passionate about it BUT I'm not your average rock'n'roll photographer.

In the past I ran a successful computer business for over ten years. My knowledge of computer software and hardware is of an extremely high calibre. I have even provided training in a variety of software packages including Adobe Photoshop. I just don't point and shoot a photo and pop it up on the internet. I will take the photo and I will spend sometimes up to 1-3 hours post processing one shot, applying a variety of professional filters, reducing noise, applying masks, tweaking colours and so forth using an arsenal of different software applications. I will post-process until I am satisfied that I can represent that photograph to meet my very strict personal standards.

The reason I do this is quite simple. There is no need to be here taking photographs, if all I am doing is the "same shovel, different pile". I want my pile of photos to be unique and stand out from the crowd. I am always after the dynamic "WOW" shot! Anybody can take a happy snap with a camera but with better composition, special effects and some tweaks, I love to present every photograph in the best possible light (pun intended). A good friend once told me, "HEY! You really 'Carbiefied' that photo!" I must be doing something right, as the feedback from fellow music fans and directly from artists, promoters and managers has been so overwhelmingly positive. So please check out my "Carbiefied" photos and if you see me at gig, say "HEY CARBIE!". :)

Feel free to add any of my photographs or HD Videos to your websites.

Just give me an acknowledgement, "Photos By Carbie ©"; and shoot me an e-mail.

To purchase any of my photos (without watermarks)
please e-mail me on:

What gigs am I photographing next?

Keep in touch by following me on Twitter!
Over 2.000 followers, plus I leak sneak peak photos:

To make any bookings for promo photo shoots or requests to shoot any performances, shoot me an email on

Finally, you wanna have a friendly chat with me. Hook up with me on Facebook. If I am not shooting a gig, I am most likely photoshopping the crap out of some photograph. I work weird hours and I love to have a chat! :)

Here is my Facebook profiles:

Unfortunately I have hit the Facebook limit of 5000 friends,
so I have created a secondary account here:

Please feel free to hook up with me there and also on Twitter.

Finally, I am also getting into official music video production for bands. With today's new technology and with my skills, there is no reason why you can't make a professional looking music video with a modest budget and without spending many thousands of dollars.

CarbieWarbie's Music Video Production:

Ciao 4 Now!

Your pal, Carbie
carbiewarbie photography

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