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Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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Currently retired due to his battle with Parkinson's disease, Carl has worked in all forms of media since a childhood appearance on Boston television's "Bozo's Circus." But he is best known for discovering that the 1925 silent film classic, "The Phantom of the Opera," had actually been captured on film in 3D.

Some specialists in 3D theorize that this classic might have been an experiment in stereoscopic film production (for example, there were also many scenes shot in Technicolor that were never used in the final cut or eventually released but only in black and white format). While definitive answers might currently allude us, some are of the opinion that the film may have been the first venture into stereoscopic production attempted by the Hollywood studio system. (Interestingly, Carl himself has yet to come to a conclusion on the matter.) A "work-in-progress" cut composed of the early frame alignments played here from October 30, 2012 to November 30, 2012, portions of which can be seen here. The extant stereo frames have since been realigned and digitized for future exhibition in digital 3D formats.

Carl's film work has been featured at the SD&A 2012 Theater Session and by the World Parkinson Congress. He has also won several Addy awards for commercial art and typographical design. He was the author of the humorous blog series, "I Got the Parkinson's," and has won several awards for his humorous films designed to educate about PD.


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