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London, United Kingdom

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I began my career as a VJ, creating visuals for electronic performers. I performed with Mouse on Mars, Kid 606, Kahn and Snooze, among others. Having earned a BA in Sound and Image, focusing on Digital Art, I began working as a 3D artist at C.I.T.A.R. - a research center for technology and science in the arts in Porto, Portugal.
I completed a Masters Degree in Computer Animation at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, where I specialized in photo-real visual effects for film.
Four of the short films to which I has contributed visual effects have been selected for screenings and awards at festivals in Los Angeles, Madrid, Lisbon and Porto.
Coming to London, I have worked at Double Negative, Framestore, Iloura, Prime Focus, Partizan, MPC commercials, Escape Studios, among others.
I am currently seeking work as a Senior/Lead Lighting artist/Generalist Artist.

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