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Welcome to my Vimeo Channel! My name is Carlo Treviso. I am an Integrated Agency Producer and Official Webby Award-Nominated Writer & Director of Original Online Film, Video, & Interactive experiences with a passion for exciting & emotional filmmaking.


- Associate Member, International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS)

- Official Member - The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror (The Saturn Awards).

- Official Webby Awards Nominee & Honoree in Online Film & Video (International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences)

- Celebrates the same birthday as Walt Disney; December 5th.

- Treviso is a city in Northern Italy near Venice.

I am an Integrated Agency Producer and Official Webby Award Nominated Writer & Director of original online films. With creative partnerships in LA, NY, Chicago, and London, I conceive, produce, and distribute original online films that excite and inspire audiences. Founder of the Webby Award Nominated online film studio Carlo Treviso Pictures, I have screened my films all over the world. Including popular industry staples such as The Webby Awards, The One Club, Sci-Fi-London International Film Festival, Chicon 70th World Science Fiction Convention (known for the prestigious Hugo Awards for literary science fiction work), and even the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I have a propensity for resourceful implementation of VFX & After Effects wizardry and believe that the best CGI is "invisible" and in service of the story.

About Carlo Treviso Pictures (
Carlo Treviso Pictures is an Official Webby Award-Nominated Creator of Original Online Film & Video Experiences. Featuring the films of director Carlo Treviso.

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