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  1. 04:53

    You Call This Yoga - participant interviews

    by Sound & Images by Carl Tyer

    2 Videos

    These short audio and still image pieces are from individual interviews with participants in the yoga program of the non-profit organization You Call This Yoga. YCTY targets the "underserved",…

  2. 14:42

    Redress Raleigh

    by Sound & Images by Carl Tyer

    3 Videos

    Video's related to Redress Raleigh designers or events produced by Redress Raleigh. From their mission statement: Redress Raleigh equips people with the knowledge to make eco-conscious apparel…

  3. 42:53

    Samples of work

    by Sound & Images by Carl Tyer

    8 Videos

    These videos are examples of two target groups for sound and still image compilations. One, individual professional artists who want to highlight their talent and use a multi-media piece on their…

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