Roxsy Tyler's CarnivalofHorrors

Philadelphia, PA

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Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors is a horror hosting webcast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that spotlights independently made short horror films, interviews talent from all sides of the genre, and interferes with old-school in your face sketch comedy! Have a horror short you want shown on our show? E-mail

Carmela Hayslett - Roxsy Tyler
Johnnie Howard - Johnnie 13
Mr. POTENT - Christian J. Grillo
Dr. Villhelm - Chuck Maher
Charlene - Christopher Walter
Folger - D. M. Folger Jr.

Written & Directed By Carmela Hayslett
Editor: Carmela Hayslett
Music & Sound Supervision: Christian J. Grillo
Production Co.: Potent Media
Photography by: J. Isobel De Lisle & Christian J. Grillo

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