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After many years in the commercial world, I moved to MTV where for 6 years, I worked with MTV On-Air Promos in production management as a staff PM and producer. My work at MTV helped me fully understand the fast pace production projects keep, and the organization needed to ensure projects run on schedule and within budget. Working at MTV also gave me the opportunity to wear many hats. Outside of creating promos for MTV and MTV2 – I also worked on a photo book by Ghostface, created a 30 minute special about the Rucker basketball tournament, helped to re-brand MTV2 for a young male audience, and shot hundreds of interviews and interstitials with celebrities and creative individuals across the country.

In 2011, I transitioned from production management to writing for MTV Promos as a freelance producer. With my past knowledge in production management, I have the unique understanding of how to bridge the gap between creative and production. This insight helps mold me as a writer; working seamlessly with production staff & clients to ensure quick turnarounds, thoughtful understanding of creative and budgetary needs, as well as an ability to clearly communicate ideas across departments.

If you are looking for a strong creative and seasoned producer with extensive knowledge of promos, integrated marketing and brand management – then let’s meet. I come to you as a well-rounded, award winning production professional and I am willing and eager to take on any challenges you set before me. Writing? Post production? Production management? I’m your girl.


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